Abusing Alcohol May Lead to Depression

zoloft and alcoholA little more than 50.9 percent of adults who are 18 years old and above are considered to be regular drinkers because they consume at least 12 drinks in a year, according to the statistics from the National Health Interview Survey. This goes to show that drinking may become a problem that is hard to control when it gets out of hand. Some men and women who have drinking problems say that they used to drink only during social functions but it became a habit after a while. Some women who keep bad drinking habits are told by obstetricians to avoid alcoholic beverages because they may cause autism.

Psychiatrists say that when a person drinks when he is undergoing troubles or hardships may often make bad decisions. Liquors are known to affect the brain because it acts as a central nervous system depressant. For those who drink only small amounts of alcohol may only feel a mild stimulant effect. However, those who are drinking heavily might experience memory loss or blackouts when they get intoxicated. Many psychiatrists believe that being dependent on these intoxicating drinks is possible for those who are drinking regularly. They still continue to do so even though these individuals know the risks and harm that drinking may bring.

As they fall deeper into dependency, they would exhibit changes in the behavior, personality and mood. This occurs when they develop depression or anxiety disorders. Developing these kinds of problem may lead to an increase in consumption, therapists say. These two problems have a bad way of intertwining with each other and many therapists have seen men and women fight for years before they get over it. Relapse is even possible for those who are not able to withstand it. Accepting the fact that one has a problem is the first step to the long road of recovery, say most therapists.

Some may be prescribed with Zoloft and other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors to manage their depressive symptoms, although the news regarding the lawsuits filed against several drug manufacturers made most users worry about their health. This site http://www.zoloftlawsuitsattorney.com may give you more detailed information.

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