Conquering Fears of Social Interaction

Each person needs someone to relate to, social scientists say, because humans are considered to be social beings. However, there are more and more men and women who are not comfortable in relating to other individuals. It is understandable to feel shy or nervous when meeting new people, but there are occasions wherein one cannot able to control the intensity of the fear and immediately freezes when this happens. This type of paralyzing fear that grips a person hinders him or her from living the life that he or she wants. There are ways to curb this problem such as taking Zoloft, although there are pending lawsuits that Pfizer is facing.

As being the center of attention triggers this type of anxiety, men and women with this illness often hide and stay at home to avoid being embarrassed in front of others. For students who have social phobia, speaking or performing in public and even taking an exam is a big stressor. They fear that people will judge them and think lowly of them. For most men and women with this kind of fears, they would only feel comfortable going somewhere when they have a friend with them.

To be able to conquer this obstacle, one might need to get help. There are some people who have improved after getting professional help. However, there are some things that might be done to improve their social skills, such as:

  • Challenge the overwhelming negative thoughts. These thoughts are the start of the problem and controlling them may help lessen the anxiety attack sin public.
  • Slowly integrate oneself in public with someone. Relatives and friends may be good during the first few times.
  • Be the first to greet. This may be a good practice before going into conversations.

This excessive fear may be controlled by taking medications, although there are some bad side effects that are associated them. Antidepressants like Zoloft are often prescribed to men and women who are doing their best to act naturally in public. Then again, women who took this medication have asked a Zoloft lawsuits attorney to represent them in court due to the birth defects of their babies.

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